I hope this finds everyone surviving this weather-challenged winter! The good news is – we are less than a month from the official start of Spring. Let’s hope we go from plowing to planting soon! The only thing worse than roads freezing is when your computer freezes… and we have just the vendor to help!!  

IT issues slowing down productivity? Professional Technologies is a Columbia Missouri-based IT/computer networking company. They have worked with dealers for over 15 years.

Knowing the demands of each department within a dealership, this company readily understands the implications for a dealer when the IT issues slow down productivity, or create lost productivity if a system goes down. The most popular service Professional Technologies currently provides dealerships is remote help desk support. With this service, users can contact the support team and get their issues resolved quickly. With remote help desk support comes antivirus and malware protection, and a complete management package that alerts the Pro Tech team if the computer’s internal parts are starting to fail, such as hard drives or memory. Remote support is cost effective and keeps computers clean, healthy, and running efficiently for end users.

Slow Internet Connection? Many end users complain the connection to the dealer management software and other web-based services are sluggish and even time out due to traffic or not enough bandwidth. With the right tools, this problem can be resolved, and possibly can eliminate some networking equipment. Internet connections can be managed so that internet accessibility between providers is consistently faster and will prioritize how the internet is used. For example, this helps fix voIP phone systems for jitter, and loss of service. Their solutions allow you to prioritize your internet usage and manage how the internet is used.

By taking the guesswork and unknowns out of your technology, the Pro Tech team can combine many of your IT options under one umbrella, and answer questions and concerns with a simple phone call. Professional Technologies has the history and experience to make your technology work for your company. Services can be packaged to fit your budget and your needs. Call Professional Technologies to get an analysis of your network and determine what your employees need in order to be efficient and productive at their work. If you are interested in these services or have a question or want a second opinion, give them a call at 573-446-8601 or send an email to info@showmeprotech.com.  


One of our vendors has changed its name! In response to market expansion and additions to product lines and services, IMS Document Scanning, headquartered in Mexico, Missouri, has changed its name to Paper Free Office Solutions.

“Our product lines have improved over the past 10 years, and we felt this was the perfect time to rebrand and change the company name to better reflect what we do.” said Vince Fuemmeler, Founder/CEO of IMS Document Scanning, headquartered in Mexico, Missouri.

Paper Free Office Solutions provides secure document scanning and storage. Their new and improved website is www.PaperFreeOfficeSolutions.com. Call Doug Comerio today for a free quote or with any questions – 573-554-3685 .